23 September 2007

Getting ready for a birthday party

This is so funny....on Wednesday, we were icing cupcakes to take to school. Claire was unwrapping suckers that we were going to put into the cupcakes as decoration. I left the room and when I came back, Claire stuck one in her mouth. I told her, Claire, don't eat those! She replied that she wasn't eating them, just tasting them. I looked on the plate, and sure enough, about half of the suckers were shiny!

Camping at Devil's Lake

We went camping last weekend at Devil's Lake...the first time we used our new tent. It was also the weekend before Claire and Rylie's birthday, so we called it a birthday trip. We picked up cupcakes and pink, fur-trimmed sleeping bags on the way out of town to make it even more special. Tyler put in the stakes for the tent, and Brian was in charge of fire and food.

Tyler and Rylie

Tyler and Rylie have a special bond...sometimes we think they are the real twins.Devil's Doorway

Hiking at Devil's Lake. The kids did a great job climbing rocks and not tiring during our hiking trip.

High on the Mountain Top
The girls and me high on a mountaintop!