21 April 2008

Claire Can Ride a Bike!!!

And here is the video to prove it! We are so proud of her. Watching your child ride a bike for the first time is as magical and miraculous as when you realize that he/she can read. Wow! Being a parent is great!!!

01 April 2008

April Fools Day

I hadn't even thought about it being April Fools Day all day long. We went to the Children's Museum with Grace and Molly Fortner, some twin friends from school. But, this afternoon, my funny friend, Sarah Lythgoe called to tell me some silly things she was planning. So I stole some of her ideas for our dinner tonight.

I set the table with random containers such as pie plates, cake plates and casserole dishes. Each person got strange utensils to eat with, including tongs, measuring spoons and spatulas. For dinner, we had green eggs and ham (bacon-not green), waffles with cream sauce that I turned pink (okay, not so gross-the girls asked if it was strawberry), orange colored milk (note to self to buy blue and more green food coloring) and for dessert, grilled cheese (toasted pound cake spread with frosting that I colored orange).

The kids loved it. We decided that next year, we would wear silly hats or clothes on backwards to dinner, as well! Thanks for your great ideas, Sarah! The evening would have been boring if you hadn't called!