16 April 2011

14 April 2011

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

This is a teenager! This is a teenager about to get donuts for a birthday breakfast for himself and our carpool friends, the Hallidays. And it is also a teenager drinking his first daquari. He was very nervous the bar would slip and put the alcohol in it! After school, we got a surprise visit from Grandpa McMullin (the girls and I told Tyler a clown was coming who made balloon animals. I think he was relieved it was Grandpa!), and a call from Sydney and Ainsley. All in all, a super day!

10 April 2011

Self Esteem Crisis

Today in church, Claire asked me several questions. Mom, do all grown up have that extra skin under their necks like you do? Mom, what are those bumps on your face? You have one here, here and here. Mom, what are those blue dots on your legs and ankles? (Varicose veins.) Wow. I love that girl.

08 April 2011

Brian is in Chicago

Brian is off to Chicago to take a cram course and his board exam next weekend. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

02 April 2011


Its been a year and a half since I knew we were moving back to Texas and I've been excited all that time to show the girls the bluebonnets. They have pictures in them when they were babies, but they don't remember it! They did not disappoint and were duly excited about seeing the flowers. They have been warned that this picture taking will be an annual event!