28 January 2009

A Rough Start

Monday marked the first day of the new semester (when this semester is done, I'll be halfway through my prerequisites for pharmacy school!). I've been home for a month and no one was sick the entire time.

Sunday morning about 2, Tyler threw up in his bed. I got that cleaned up and made him a bed on the couch because I wasn't going to remake a bunk bed at 2:30 am! Sunday evening, Skyler barfed in the living room. At least I got him onto the wood floor for round 2! Sunday night about 10, Claire threw up all over her side of the room. That took a while to clean up! By Monday morning, Tyler and Claire felt great, but Rylie didn't feel so well, but I had to go to class! So, I took her with me! She sat so still and quiet with her coloring book, Sprite and pear fruit cup. I have lab on Mondays, but thankfully only had to stay a few minutes for the first day.

On our way out of the building, she had an accident which warranted removal of her tights and unders. I couldn't take her outside in 7 degree weather with bare legs, so I removed my own knee socks and put them on Rylie. They came all the way up to the tops of her skinny little thighs! We made it home, picked up Claire, and headed back downtown to get a lab manual from a printing shop.

On the way, Rylie said she felt like she was going to throw up. We were in Brian's car and he had left an empty chip bag. I gave that to her, and soon she began to use it. Most of it made it into the bag, but plenty didn't! Finally, we made it back home, to clean up everyone and everything.

Hopefully, the rest of the semester will go better!

21 January 2009

The Miracle of Inaguration

During family night yesterday, we decided to focus on America and our new president by watching the Inaguaral address. Brian reminded us of the miracle that happened yesterday. One party went out and a new one took power. This may have gone unnoticed here in America, because we do this every 4-8 years. But in other countries, often the outgoing administration refuses to leave and blood is shed through the process of honoring the will of the voters. I am grateful to live in this wonderful land where we abide by the rule of law. (I need to take a picture of what Rylie made in school yesterday...)

Snow Board Bunnies

We went out sledding last Saturday. Tyler brought his friend Alex, who brought a couple of snow boards. The girls begged to be able to try and we were so impressed with how well they did.

In all fairness, all the kids did spectacularly...except when I tried to film them. When I wasn't filming, the went all the way down the hill, darn near into the river! So these are all the BAD runs. At one point, Claire was tutoring Rylie on how to properly ride the snowboard. "When you feel like you are going to fall, bend your knees." We asked her how she knew that. She replied that was what they told them in gymnastics on the balance beam!

And Tyler! Wow! He was riding a professional type board where your feet are clamped in! That would scare me to death. I really wish I could have captured one of his several great runs! What cool kids I have!