12 April 2010

Yeah, and you should see the OTHER guy!

So, I'm beginning to realize that our blog, in addition to a family history, is also becoming a medical record! The Saturday night before Easter, I was walking down the basement stairs carrying some stuff, and I missed a step, heard a loud crunch, and I was on the floor in pain! But I've been able to count many blessings through the process:
  • My brilliant surgeon husband was home and I only had to scream at the top of my lungs 3 times to get his attention over the game he was playing. When he came to my rescue, he knew just what to do, what to look for to make sure no bones were broken and how to take care of me.
  • When I went to work Easter morning (bummer! But I was not calling in sick, either, since the girl I knew would have to come in my place also had small children and Easter plans.), I was assigned to work on the orthopaedic floor. A doctor checked me out and the nurses wrapped and iced me, and Physical Therapy loaned me a crutch for a couple of days.
  • The weather was warm enough for me to wear crocks and sandles. Not sure what I would have done if I'd had to trudge through snow without real shoes!

A week later, the color from that big bruise around my ankle has slid down to my toes. The toes don't hurt, but they look nasty! Another orthopaedic surgeon on Friday recommended a compression stocking. I picked one up on the way home that afternoon and it has made a world of difference. I'm walking pretty well and it doesn't hurt to walk in a straight line (although I am pretty gimpy). It really hurts, though, when I try to make circles with my ankle. Hopefully time, compression and chocolate will take care of it within 4-5 more weeks.

Funny Kid!

One evening, with an order of Arby's curly fries, Claire realized that the fry was in the shape of a C. Then she spelled out her whole name.

04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter just isn't Easter unless you color eggs. Tyler wasn't into it this year, but Claire and Rylie had fun with it.

The night before Easter, I sprained my ankle, so Tyler hid eggs for his sisters. Isn't he the best brother ever?

Since it is our last Easter with daffodils, we had to take our annual Easter pictures. Oh, and because the kids hate it and I do so love to torture them!

I know, Mom. You want copies of these. I'll get to them when I do the Christmas pictures. In other words, when we get to Houston, bring over your thumb drive and download them yourself off my computer! ;-)
I love the Easter season and have loved these 5 Springs in Wisconsin. Never has the Resurrection meant so much to me as it has here. When the weather is warm, we plant beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. When the winter comes, everthing dies. Sticks. Down to the dirt. Gone. Dead. No way they are ever coming back. Then, in the spring, even before all the snow melts, daffodils and tulips begin to arise. Other greenery follows suit. Before your eyes, the winter is gone and the world is green again. It is truly a miracle. There are types and shadows of Christ all around us. Our loving Heavenly Father makes sure that we always remember Him, His Son, and the blessing of eternal life.