18 May 2008

Weekend Project

Well, those of you who have been to our house and seen our horrible, outdated bathroom will be happy to know that it now looks clean and modern! As you can see from the before, during and after pics, we took out the potty and vanity, put down peel-n-stick tiles, put in a new toilet (given to us by my wonderful plumber friend, Robbie, whom we will think about fondly each time we have to do our business) and put in a new vanity. Isn't it beautiful! Brian once again proves that there isn't anything that he can't do. Boy, did I pick a good one or what! The trouble of putting floors in this small room makes us 1. respect our BIL Ake in the great tile and floor work he does and 2. very glad we have installers coming at 8 am on Tuesday to put laminate wood in our kitchen and hallway!

14 May 2008

Rylie on Her Bike, Too!

Sorry for the Sasquatch-cam! I was running after her and finally just stopped the video because she was doing so well! Despite the date of this post, the blessed event took place exactly two weeks after Claire's first ride. We borrowed a balance bike (two wheels, no training wheels and to pedals-a coasting bike) and within 3 days, she asked me to help her on the pedal bike, and off she went. She and Claire are now racing each other up and down the sidewalk. Yes, it is a blood sport and I need to buy more bandaids!