27 November 2009

Texas or Bust

Tuesday was a really big day for our family. Not only was that the day Creighton called me to tell me that I had earned a place in pharmacy school, but it was also the day we mailed off a contract for Brian to join an ENT practice in Houston. He will be a part of Texas ENT (texasent. com) and we will move back to Texas in June. So, this will be our last winter in Milwaukee!

25 November 2009

It’s All Sarah’s Fault

About 3 years ago, I remember Sarah saying that someday she planned to go to dental school. At first, I felt really betrayed. While Brian and Neil were in medical school/residency, we looked forward to the day of sitting together poolside while our kids were at school and we ate Bonbons and dipped our toes occasionally. Dental school? Oh, man! Not long after, Brian noted that the kids would be starting school soon and what would I do? Get a job? A job? No! I thought. Sit poolside with Sarah! Oh, yeah. Dental school. It really got me thinking. Anyone who is around me for 5 minutes knows I’m not the poolside kind, anyway. I remembered my old yearnings for pharmacy and began researching what it would take to go that route again. I found out that to become a certified pharmacy technician, all I had to do was take a test, pay a fee, and BOOM, that’s it. I also looked into prerequisites for pharmacy school. I made a worst case scenario list (ie get all the prereqs for all the schools I could possibly ever attend since I didn’t know where life would take us next) and realized that I really didn’t have many classes to take at all. Furthermore, we live on the bus line that goes straight down to UW-Milwaukee. So, I studied for a few weeks, took the technician exam, applied to work at the hospital, started working there parttime, and registered for school during the summer of 2008. Summer 2009 I took the PCAT and applied to Creighton’s pharmacy school-distance pathway. November 20th, I interviewed there and got a call yesterday that I was accepted! So I will start a 4 year PharmD program beginning Fall 2010.

Today, the kids all had school, and I didn’t have school or work today. I went grocery shopping, clean house a little, hung out, picked up the girls for school, and just made, ate and cleaned up dinner. The thought keeps coming back to me that days like today could have been my Groundhog day for the rest of my life including the poolside days. But, no! I’m working part time, in school part time and going to pharmacy school! So, thanks, Sarah! You inspired me and a new phase has begun!