31 March 2008

Teeny Tiny Tea Party

Dayna Bird and her daughters, Naomi and Vivian invited Claire and Rylie to a teeny, tiny tea party. The girls could hardly sleep this weekend because they were so excited. Our hostesses served punch, which the girls poured themselves, sugar (Nerds in the sugar bowls), little cakes and cookies. The cookies were like the shortbread cookies into which you press a chocolate kiss. These were so small, the chocolate was a chocolate chip! The girls want to get a tea set of their own now, and I have to agree!
Thanks, Dayna, for a memorable morning. We will be talking about this forever!

27 March 2008

Easter Pictures

Well, we had snow for Easter. But we did get pictures! Claire didn't want to put down her coat or barbie to have her picture taken until Tyler (bless him) offered her a choice of Pokemon cards if she would put them down! Rylie, Tyler and Claire:

Tyler's Essay about Freebirds

Tyler had to write an essay describing a favorite something. He chose to describe Freebird's Burritos in College Station! It's great when your kid's favorite thing is one of your favorite things! Like, maybe, we've had a positive influence, or something? So, without further ado, Tyler's 4th grade paper :

Make Burritos, Not War! (Freebird's motto--I've always loved it!)

21 March 2008

The Start of Spring/Easter Break

This is either the Sasquatch or Tyler shovelling snow on the first day of his SPRING break! He had a friend coming over, so he was highly motivated to clear the walkway! Brian won't be home tonight, so I am waiting until it stops tomorrow morning to clear behind the garage so he will be able to get into the garage!

Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby was last Saturday. Here is a picture of the track and Tyler's car. Yes, it looks like a rock on wheels. We found out on Tuesday before we left town Wed-Fri that the derby was going to be held Saturday morning! Yikes! Tyler was a great sport and loved his rock car!

Man's Best Friend

I just cracked up when I walked into the living room the other night and saw this. Just so you know, this scenario is not uncommon, it just struck me as extra funny! Look how this cat is hugging Brian's shoulder and arm!

Easter Cookies

I just wanted to share one of our Easter Traditions...making Easter Cookies. These are white divinity cookies and you tell the story of Easter to your children as you add the various ingredients. The last step is to put them in the oven, turn it off and seal the oven until morning. Here is the link: