31 July 2008

Cub Scout Camp

What a busy day for Tyler! First the boys swam in Silver Lake. Only Tyler and one other boy passed the swimming test to be allowed to swim out by this pier! During the camp, they taught the boys about conservation issues, including invasive species of plants and creatures in the water. They played a game where the normal fish were being erradicated by predators and invasive species. In the picture above, Tyler is a predator fish trying to tag the regular fish! Next, you see Tyler with his tub-o-slushie! Finally, he is panning for gold at the mine! It is fun to watch him learn and have fun!

Cheesecake Factory

On Monday, my friend Amy Rahm told me that Wednesday was CF's 30th anniversary and that cheesecake would be only $1.50 per slice! So, of course we went! I was hoping to pick it up and take it home, but when we got there, we discovered it was dine in only. So we did the only thing we could do. We ate cheesecake for lunch! Rylie had Snicker cheesecake, Claire chose Fresh Strawberry, and I had Chocolate Coconut Cream! Super yummy! Our bill came to $4.76!

Milwaukee Zoo

The hospital that I work for had a company picnic at the zoo. Free admission, shuttle rides on school busses (big hit with the girls), all the cotton candy we could eat, lunch, Plepsi (that would be Pepsi, for those of you who don't speak "Rylie"), oh, and I think there were some animals! We did see lots, including the sting ray exibit where we got to touch them! Tyler is missing in these pictures because he was still in Texas. Brian and I had fun with the girls.

We'll Miss You, Milo

Milo was our next door doggie. We, along with the entire neighborhood, loved him. He was getting rather old, sick and uncomfortable. His best friend, Michelle, gave him the greatest gift by relieving him of his pains. The neighborhood isn't the same without him, but we know he is much better off.

Old World Wisconsin

This was a fun place that featured homes and history from the different immigrant settlements throughout Wisconsin's history: German, Scandinavian, African American...but the kids' favorite attraction was the tram (or, the "tramps" as Rylie called it) that shuttled guests from one location to the other! My particular favorite was the ice cream Grandma bought us!!

Grandma Z Came to Visit!

Grandma with her grandkiddos! I just realized that Tyler is almost as tall as you, Mom! The other picture is at the end of the visit. Mom and Tyler both flew out of Milwaukee to go to Dallas, both on different airlines! She retrieved him at the other end and Tyler spent two weeks in Texas.

4th of July

What a beautiful day! Jared and Maureen Hoenigman came over in the morning and we made "freedom pancakes", (ie. crepes, but you can't say that on the the 4th!). The kids rode their bikes down the street to the annual Wauwatosa parade. That evening, we went to the fireworks show. I think this was the first year that we didn't have at least one kid that wasn't afraid of the BOOMS! I'd like to point out to the Texas crowd that I am wearing a long sleeve shirt and Claire is wearing a jacket (actually, a bathrobe, but that's another story) because it was so cool!

04 July 2008

April Daffodils

We were so happy to have daffodils this year. We had beautiful ones on Easter the first year we lived here. Last year, they started to bloom, then froze. This spring was beautiful! The daffodils, then the tulips! And it only took me 3 months to get these off the card in the camera and onto the computer! I thought I took some of Tyler, too. Maybe they are on another card??