15 December 2007

Bethlehem Village

Tonight was our ward Christmas Party and the activities committee did an amazing job. Here are the details if you ever need an idea for your own ward! Everyone had to sign in for the census and received a bag of gold. You had to pay your "taxes" in the form of food to donate to the food bank. Each family received a bag of gold to buy food and dreidels. In one classroom was the fruit market (oranges, figs and raisins), next was the dairy (cheese cubes and olives), then lentil soup, and finally, the pita shop. Each family brought a blanket and spread it out in the gym to eat on. In the gym was the Bishop's Winery where you bought your grape juice and a bakery and well to get dessert and water. After most had finished eating, a Roman guard -we have a great guy in our ward from England, so his accent and personality made this even better -came in waving his sword and yelling at everyone to get with their families. The kids weren't sure whether to be scared or not! The the program began, a telling of the Christmas story and acted out with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus along with the shepherds and wise men. It was so well done...and no tables and chairs to put away at the end. You just had to scrape your car as it was supposed to snow 7 inches before midnight tonight. I think there was more than that, but I didn't get an official count!

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April & Jayson said...

We are in Yuma, Az because Jayson is a dentist for the Navy and there is a Marine Base here and Marines don't have their own docs and dentist so the Navy takes care of them. It was great to see your kids especially the girls since they are Halle's age. Hope all is well with you guys and I will be checking in on your blog .