09 April 2009

Gee, thanks.

Tonight, we had family night and a brief lesson about humility. (Claire asked what that word meant earlier this week, and I thought the answer would make a great lesson.) So we started by having everyone tell something they were good at doing. When it got to my turn, before I could answer, Rylie piped up that, "Mom, you are good at doing the dishes."

In case you are wondering, Claire said she was good at back hip circles (don't ask's a gymnastics thing), Tyler said he was good at playing Halo, and Rylie said she was good at helping the other kids at school. Then we acknowledged the other people that helped us succeed, such as Mom and Dad paying for and driving to lessons, teachers at school, etc. Then we learned that, ultimately, Heavenly Father is to thank for our sharp minds, strong and healthy bodies, eye/hand coordination and big hearts that enable us to do the things we are proud of. So, a big component of humility is gratefulness, in addition to being teachable.

I'm off to use the greatest of my gifts in the kitchen...

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