28 June 2009

Hi, We're Twins!

The girls came out of their room the other day all a-giggles because they had dressed alike. It doesn't happen often, so we all thought it was funny. Lately, the girls have realized that being twins is a neat thing to other people. I heard Claire say to someone at school, "that's my sister, Rylie. We're twins."
Another ongoing, funny thing about the girls is that somewhere along the way, they made a pact together that Claire wasn't going to have any babies and that Rylie would "get" them for her. Well, recently, said babies received names: Kylie, Olivia, Chris and Robert! During this conversation, they argued over who would get to keep Kylie. Rylie settled the argument by telling Claire she could have Robert.
I'm pleased to make the following update to the story. In the car on the way to gymnastics last week, Claire asked me if I liked being a mom. I assured her that it was great. She understood and clairfied saying, "you really like driving us places, don't you, Mom?" I agreed that driving them around was the highlight of my life. Then, Claire decided that she would "get" her own babies after all.