07 February 2008

Counting our Blessings in Inches

I just saw a news story on CNN about a family whose home had been destroyed in Katrina in New Orleans. They moved to Tennessee and their new house was ruined by yesterday's tornadoes. That makes me feel so blessed to have to shovel 2 feet of snow yesterday. It was so high, that we were worried that Brian would be able to make it home in the Civic from work. We decided I would drive to the hospital in the Expedition and follow him home. When I tried to open the back door, I had to push several of inches of snow out of the way to do so! Those of you who have been here know that it is a tall step from the sidewalk into our back door! Then I had to shovel myself a path to get to the garage. The snow depth varied from my knees to my thighs! Once I got to the garage, I had to shovel out behind the garage to get the truck out. Then got stuck in the alley and a kind neighbor worked with me to get going again. I finally got out of the neighborhood and another car with two people was stuck in the median to turn into our neighborhood. I had brought along my shovel just in case Brian or I got stuck again on the way home. The guy and I dug them out and pushed them out. Once we got home, Brian and I took shifts on shoveling our sidewalks while the kids played.

All that exertion without food brought on a migraine headache for me. My sweet Brian walked up to the gas station to get me a highly caffeinated beverage to knock it out so I could be good company and function the rest of the evening!

Tyler was disappointed that school was back on this morning.

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