06 February 2008

A Little Cutting and Sewing

I've fallen back in love with my embroidery/sewing machine and have gone a little crazy! See the latest results! When my neice, Sydney was little and her daddy was/is in the Army, she said that she wanted to be an Army Girl when she grew up! I found this pink camouflage with the intention of making something for her. Well, I never got around to it and when I HAD to make something other day, I discovered this fabric. Click on the image to see that I also made matching bags with the girls' names on them! For the next two dresses, I took the girls to JoAnn's to pick out fabric for their own dresses. Rylie's dress is cuter than it looks here; she is standing funny or something. The last dress here was from a stash of fabric that Ann gave me years ago. I made this denim jumper and made a heart out of buttons. It turned out cute. This is actually Rylie's dress. The one I made for Claire is in the laundry. It has an embroidered heart made of flowers and leaves on the chest and two more on little patch pockets on the front. Rylie demanded NO pockets! It has been so much fun sewing for my girls!
You may have noticed that Rylie's hair is shorter...Claire gave her a trim on the bangs and on one side. My friend Sarah Lythgoe fixed it for us. We are looking forward to the bangs growing out.


Mom said...

Kendra - those are adorable! And I love Ry's shorter hair. It "fits" her!

Kendra said...

I wanted it cut so that the front would be a little longer than the back (about chin length) and grow out the bangs. I guess we will have to grow into that cut! It does fit her though. She hates having her hair brushed.

Ryan and Sarah said...

This heart out of buttons is SO cute! You inspire me to be even moderately crafty.