20 May 2010

Tyler's Birthday-the Big 12

As every kid does, Tyler has been asking for a cell phone for a while. I kept telling him that when he got old enough to go places alone and I couldn't contact him easily, they we'd consider it. Well, the time has come. Sometimes Tyler rides his bike to a friend's house, rides up to the gas station for a snack, or hangs out at the park with pals. He was excited and shocked at his present. Before he knew what it was, he was a little disappointed with the quantity of presents, but I assured him that the quality would be worth it!

Tyler made his first call on his phone to Grandma Z. I have to admit that I've enjoyed him having the phone and the texts that he sends me during his lunch break at school. The phone has made it easier to communicate with him.

Last year's party was so much fun (video games with friends and an ice cream cake) were so much fun that Tyler decided to do a repeat. He invited his best friends, Alex, Zane and Keegan.

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