26 August 2008

Camping at Peninsula State Park

We returned to Peninsula State Park to camp this weekend. We were the only family in the park without bikes. We all sorely missed our two wheelers and are hatching a plan to get a hitch and bike rack for the next camping trip. There was a beach area where the kids would "only get their feet wet" and were wet, sandy messes within a few minutes. We fished of a pier for a little while. I was a nervous wreck afraid that someone would fall off! No mishaps, but Rylie caught a little fishie! She was so proud! We love our tent and adding to our equipment each time we go. Not having grown up camping, Brian does his best to make sure each experience is really good so that I'll want to go again!
One of the highlights for all of us was after dark when Brian took us on a night walk down to the water's edge to look at the stars. We were all amazed at how many visible stars there were. Everyone got to see the Milky Way (try explaining that concept to almost-5 year olds!), constellations and millions of stars. As we lay on picnic tables hoping to see shooting stars, the clouds rolled in signaling time to go back to the campsite.


Jeff and Julianne said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! It's the unpacking and laundry that always gets me after camping! Takes a lot of energy but so worth it.

DJ said...

Sounds wonderful! We're jealous that we weren't there with you.
Tom and Ann

Sarah McMullin said...

I like that your kids want to hold things up for pictures. It's a good strategy.

Looks like a fun getaway!