20 August 2008


Distressed with how my skin had responded to our 3 years in Wisconsin, I visited a cosmetic dermatologist today. She told me something very interesting that I thought many of you would like to know about. She said that any woman over 30 should use Retin-A daily as you would a vitamin. Hmm! Sign me up! She told me that "at my age" (why do I keep hearing that phrase from doctors?), that they would have to fight with the insurance company to pay for it, as they will assume it is for anti-aging. But since I do have some "active papules" (that something no one wants to hear) and clogged pores, she felt very comfortable saying that it was for acne.

So, here is the regimen she recommended:
AM-wash with Cetaphil or Dove, Retin-A, moisturizer with SPF 15+
PM-wash with Cetaphil or Dove, glycolic acid gel 2x week (couldn't find this at Target, so I'll go back and buy it from the aesthetician in her office)

That's it. I will probably move the Retin-A to PM, because I will feel like I have to put something on my face after I wash it! The glycolic acid stings, and it is what exfoliates to make the skin surface more dewy and youthful. Whatever it takes!

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