26 August 2008

Tagged by Kellie and Sarah L.

Well, since I was tagged twice this week, I'll play your little game and answer the questions. Maybe later I'll find and scan pictures like Kellie did!

Ten Years Ago...
Aug 1998
We lived in College Station and Tyler was 4 months old. We walked to parks and friends' houses to pass the time until Brian got home from work at Neodyme. Most every afternoon, we found ourselves at Adriana Grande's apartment until our welcome was worn out, then we walked home! Brian and I had bought Nikon SLR cameras and in the evenings when Tyler was in bed, we would practice phography on our cats, Marty and Skyler.

Five Years Ago...
Aug 2003
I was 33-34 weeks pregnant with Claire and Rylie. I had stopped taking wedding photos at 25 weeks because I was just too big (my belly got to the legs of the tripod before my eyes could get to the camera). Tyler was in Kindergarten at McDermott Elementary in San Antonio and Brian was a 3rd year medical student. Deanna Herald brought us weekly meals as I spent most of the time beached on the couch.

Five Months Ago...
April 2003
Beautiful spring in Wisconsin and the girls were learning how to ride their bikes and I was hatching my plans for returning to the pharmacy field.

Five Things on Tomorrows 'To Do' List...
1. Buy a jump drive
2. Take Tyler to the orthodontist
3. Babysit for a friend
4. Take the girls to school
5. Go to Kinkos for some printing for a wedding I'm photographing this weekend

Five Things People Don't Know About Me...
1. As a little girl, I lived in the country and had 2 horses that I named Sunny and Happy
2. I've never broken a bone nor had a cavity
3. I took the SAT in 7th grade as part of some study thing
4. I was a neat freak and a sugar-phobe as a kid (too scared of cavities)
5. I worked out at Gold's Gym for about 2 years during junior college (hey, Laura Easterling!). I never built any muscle, though!

Five Bad Habits...
1. I pop my gum
2. Addicted to Glenn Beck (pod cast his radio show and DVR the tv show)
3. I do a rolling stop through most stop signs
4. I stay up waaaay too late (that will have to end next week)
5. I scoop peanut butter from the jar with a spoon, then dip it into chocolate chips!

Five Places I've Lived...
1. Garland, TX
2. Tyler, TX
3. College Station, TX
4. Sweden
5. San Antonio, TX

Tag 5 People...
1. Maria Zhohar
2. Julianne Baer
3. Jamie Mutz
4. Stephanie Bradshaw
5. Dayna Bird

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